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Akerstroms Bjorbo AB is an international company that develops, produces, markets and services products for radio remote controls of industrial cranes, mobile applications, door opening systems and locomotives. It is a Nordic market leader, and its remote control solutions cover everything from simple to sophisticated control systems for complex applications. Akerstroms Bjorbo AB was founded in 1918. It offers the market more than 50 years of experience within development of high-quality industrial and mobile adapted products for wireless communication. The company faces an international expansion and has an extensive network of partners that provide local service and support.

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Akerstroms Bjorbo AB
Björbovägen 143
780 45 Björbo
Company Tel: +46 (0)241 250 00
Company Fax: +46 (0)241 232 99
Company Email: sales@akerstroms.se
Company Website: www.akerstroms.com

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URL: www.akerstroms.com

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