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Industrial Corp, has been known for its research, development and innovation. In 1996, the enhanced production capacity and advanced design ability made the newborn brand YOKE even well-acknowledged by the world.

The 9th SME Innovative Research Award, the 5th Rising Star Award and the 17th National Award of Outstanding SMEs are the manifestations of YOKE's quality and technology.

From a trading company with virtual production, YOKE Industrial Corp has transformed to an own-brand enterprise which has high R&D and production ability with branches in Los Angeles, Canada, China, and India. Since the new strategy in 2009, "excellent quality with reasonable price, fast-out fast-in" has guided YOKE to a direction with brighter future.

For over 20 years, quality and safety have been the one and only commitment of YOKE Industrial Corp. Other than ISO 9001 and Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation, other international product type approvals such as BG-Prufzert of Germany, ABS of U.S, DNV of Norway, SABS of South Africa, CSA of Canada and ARAMCO of Saudi Arabia were also acquired.

With the purpose of global deployment, SAP software has been introduced to integrate all administrative works since 2007. SAP ERP and SAP HCM are strong tools to successfully strengthen resource planning and applications by integrating information technology, improving production performance and designing employee development. Automatic warehousing system was built in 2010 to further improve manufacturing competencies and efficiency.

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YOKE Industrial Corp.
#39,33rd Road, Taichung Industrial Park, Taichung 407, Taiwan, R.O.C
Taiwan (Headquarter & Factory)
Taichung 407
Company Tel: +886-4-2350-8088
Company Fax: +886-4-2350-1001
Company Email: [email protected]
Company Website: http://www.yoke.net

Key Personnel

: Joyce Tang
: Richard Oldknow

Company Details

URL: www.yoke.net

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