The importance of exhibitions

8 November 2013

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The integral role tradeshows play in bringing an industry together can rarely be overstated. They fulfill a variety of functions, from a means of showcasing new equipment and products to providing the people that make up this industry with a way to liaise with their peers. In an age where time "out of the office" is more of a luxury than ever, these events offer welcome respite from daily routines.

This November, the ninth iteration of the UK's leading lifting exhibition, LiftEx 2013, takes place at the USN arena in Bolton (Previewed on p24). Held across the 14-15th, exhibitor space for the event has long since sold out and as a result, this year's exhibition is widely expected to be the biggest year in the show's history.

In addition to offering visitors the chance to get hands on with an array of new equipment, LiftEx is placing a strong emphasis on giving visitors the opportunity to witness the latest developments in its innovation theatre showcase. Elsewhere, experts from the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) will be on hand to impart their unrivalled industry knowledge.

Geoff Holden, chief executive of the LEEA, encourages potential visitors to take the time out and make the worthwhile visit this November. "LiftEx is an event, which has grown from a small table top display to the UK's leading lifting equipment exhibition we are proud to see today. It has now become the must-attend event if you want to network with hundreds of industry professionals, discover new innovations in the industry and hear the latest news from expert speakers," he explains.

Elsewhere in this issue we look at how growth in the automotive and manufacturing markets is expected to boost North America's industrial construction sector in the next few years. But as confidence returns to the market, manufacturers are finding that customers are still erring on the side of caution when it comes to committing to significant new investments.

We also take the opportunity to place the spotlight on the fields of food production and pharmaceutical cleanrooms and how hoist manufacturers are playing an increasingly important role in these environments.

Finally, we look at the role the warehouse plays in the overall supplychain mix is often understated. No longer simple cavernous halls lined with various stock, inventory and other materials, the humble warehouse is a hive of activity, technological development and innovation.

I hope to get the chance to meet many of you at LiftEx 2013. To get in touch please use the contact details to your left.

Tim Sheahan, Deputy Editor

Tim Sheahan