Port of Los Angeles to move to 24/7 operations

14 October 2021

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The Port of Los Angeles has announced it will move to 24/7 operatios following a meeting between Port of Angeles executive director Gene Seroka and US President Joe Biden, to address current supply challenges.

"Operational details are being discussed and worked out with the supply chain stakeholders. The significance of today's announcement is the commitment from industry leaders responsible for moving goods on behalf of American consumers and businesses to open up the capacity needed to deliver. It's a call to action for others to follow," said Seroka in a statement.

“We have heard directly from the President, the Vice President, Secretary Buttigieg, National Economic Council Director Deese, and Port Envoy Porcari. We have a lot of work ahead. The Port of LA is called America's Port because cargo we handle reaches every corner of the country. In the days ahead, we are committed to continuing to be the convener to ensure the supply chain delivers for the American people."