Kito shines a light on women in the workplace

3 January 2022

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Because no two Kito hoists are exactly the same in design and specifications, the products are made by hand. Haruna Yamamura, an engineer on the Electric Hoist Assembly Team, works on the assembly line of Kito's electric hoists.

“My love of making things began in early childhood. I've always been good at putting things together and repetitive tasks. So I was delighted when I was assigned to an assembly team when I joined Kito," said Yamamura who has been on the on the Electric Hoist Assembly Team for seven years.

"I assemble many electric chain hoists every day, and I'm particular about the neatness of each assembly, while making sure each unit will bring peace of mind to the customer. For example, when the wiring is neat, repair work is easier, which I think can be a big deal for the customer.

“Women are still a minority on the production floor, and muscle work is sometimes needed. When I can't do this kind of job on my own, I ask my fellow team members to help. Being a woman here can be an advantage. Delicate work, like wiring, is easier for smaller hands.” 

Besides working at Kito, Yamamura has a passion for motorbikes and commutes to work on her motorcycle. 

“I got my midsized motorcycle license aged 18. I've been commuting by motorcycle, and I recently made an upgrade. I've just obtained a large-motorcycle license, which I'd been wanting for years,” she added.