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Taking control
13 December, 2019
There is a growing movement in the hoist sector towards wireless control systems that can ensure greater safety and less downtime for operators, as well as intelligent devices that provide increased levels of production data. Tom Woerndl reports.

Sim City
13 December, 2019
Crane training in North America is being slowly revolutionised by increasingly affordable simulator systems. Daniel Searle reports.

Deep thinking
13 December, 2019
Extracting minerals from below the earth takes big, and very specialised, hoisting gear. Julian Champkin reports.

Highly refined
13 December, 2019
A manufacturer of equipment for refineries and power stations required an upgrade to its steel-handling cranes in Germany.

Steely resolve
22 November, 2019
The Central-Eastern European markets remain solid despite industrial slowdown. Jaroslaw Adamowski reports from Warsaw.

Keep on running
22 November, 2019
Maintenance is an essential for safe operation of hoists. Julian Champkin looks at requirements and methods.

Best of both Hoists
22 November, 2019
A new hoist, and custom systems, are boosting LTM’s cleanroom business.

Lifting Silicon chips
22 November, 2019
Mennens and Elma are supplying highly precise cleanroom cranes that will be used in the development of a new generation of silicon chips. Daniel Searle reports

Heavy metal
22 November, 2019
A 41m crane installed at a UK steel plant is due to be joined shortly by the largest-capacity crane ever made by manufacturer Jaso Industrial Cranes.

Light fantastic
24 October, 2019
Light lifting systems may seem simple but, as Julian Champkin finds, they are every bit as useful as heavier lifting equipment and repay consideration and good design.

Keep on moving
24 October, 2019
Intermodal cranes and lifting apparatus are vital to the movement of world trade. Julian Champkin looks at this large and varied sector.

New faces
24 October, 2019
The lifting industry has implemented a range of programmes and initiatives to attract new workers, both young and experienced. Daniel Searle reports.

Expert Engineering
24 October, 2019
MC Levage is a specialist crane manufacturer and part of the Reel International group. Daniel Searle visited the company’s headquarters in Lyon, France.

Lord of the Gdansk
24 October, 2019
Liebherr Container Cranes has delivered a state-of-the-art, ultra-large container crane to the DCT Gdansk container port in Poland.

Northern heights
18 September, 2019
John Bensalhia takes a look at the North American hoist market, and reports on its notable projects, products and innovations.

Backs and basics
18 September, 2019
Aching backs and pains in the joints are no longer acceptable as inevitable sideeffects of working life. Julian Champkin looks at how advances in ergonomic design and practice are helping to eliminating them.

Jumbo lifting
18 September, 2019
High-capacity lifting is in ever-increasing demand. Julian Champkin looks at the market for hoists with capacities of 5t and above.

Weir’d Science
18 September, 2019
A system for lifting boats past a hydropower dam on the Upper Rhine has been redesigned by Innokran, using Stahl CraneSystems hoists.

Going up down under
08 August, 2019
The crane market in Oceania has been going through hard times. But Julian Champkin finds an air of anticipation and a refusal to give in.

Through the roof
08 August, 2019
Digitalisation in hoist technology has brought us such things as antisway mechanisms, load monitoring, automatic speed control, and zone control. But as Julian Champkin reports, that is just the start.