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Winding down not out
21 November, 2012
As advanced computerised control continues to revolutionise crane design, wound rotor motor controls, while considered outmoded by some, can still be first choice for some applications. Crane electrification and control systems manufacturer Duct-O-Wire’s Roy Peterson explains.

Cruise control
20 November, 2012
A new aluminium rolling facility under construction is making extensive use of industrial crane automation technology from SCX to bring high-speed decision making into its process line

Rising up the technology tree
19 November, 2012
A greater focus than ever on deepwater drilling is resulting in a number of rapid changes to the way subsea lifting operations are managed. Kevin Walsh observes the mushrooming sector.

Defining RFID
26 October, 2012
Kevin Walsh observes how developments in RFID technology have allowed it to sidestep common bugbears and potentially make it more easily applicable to the industrial lifting market.

Exhibiting at the show...
26 October, 2012

Growing pains
25 October, 2012
Still firmly in the grip of a second recessionary dip, the UK government is taking steps to shore up British businesses. But how are lifting equipment firms managing to hold on in the meantime?

There and back again
25 October, 2012
Returning to Coventry after a successful event in Leeds last year, a bigger venue, more exhibitors and a greater global reach than ever before, the LEEA’s 8th annual Liftex event is shaping up to be an unmissable event.

Money for old cranes
24 October, 2012
A deal to purchase three ship-to-shore rail-mounted gantry cranes for the Port Authority of Guam has recently received approval from Guam’s Public Utilities Commission despite controversy over the cranes’ condition. Kevin Walsh reports

Designing for failure
27 September, 2012
This month Anupam’s contracts director B D Basu ruminates on the design parameters of single-failure-proof cranes intended for nuclear applications. Using a technical paper written in 1979, by Laurids Porse of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s division of engineering standards, as his basis, Basu adds his thoughts on the key considerations

Exhibiting at the show...
27 September, 2012
With the twelfth annual CeMAT Asia exposition fast approaching, Hoist Magazine gears up for an impressive show in the even more impressive city of Shanghai

CeMAT soaring in Shanghai
27 September, 2012
After the success of last year’s CeMAT Asia, the world’s material handling companies will descend on Shanghai again this year for CeMAT Asia 2012, to be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

Casting a lasting shadow
26 September, 2012
With the push to establish a well-developed infrastructure network across Asia and the Middle East, gantry cranes and straddle carriers are frequently used to transport precast concrete elements on construction projects. Cristina Brooks looks at the prevalence of this practice across the regions

Demag’s destiny
25 September, 2012
When Terex bought Demag Cranes AG last year, it was easy to imagine Terex keeping the port cranes and quickly re-selling the industrial cranes. But this is absolutely not the plan, as Phil Bishop finds out

Rugged remotes
15 August, 2012
This month, Hoist takes a look at a selection of the latest offerings for tougher applications, whether aimed at operators using cranes in exposed or outdoor environments or for heavy-duty jobs requiring a high work rate.

On the road again
14 August, 2012
As automotive firms from emerging economies continue to grow their footprints across Western markets, new opportunities arise for companies providing reliable, high-tech custom kit. Hoist looks at a crop of recent jobs in the sector.

Mellowed fervor
13 August, 2012
One year ago, Phil Bishop reported on these pages how the crane industry was full of excitement about South America. In a follow-up report, he finds that the tone has softened a little as trade restrictions start to emerge.

Bright sparks
09 August, 2012
Explosion proofing oil or natural gas pipelines requires some specialisation, and means big business for Argentinean hoist and crane manufacturer Tega.

Automatic for the ports
29 June, 2012
A year ago, Cargotec asked its personnel to come up with bright ideas for the future of automated lifting in ports, and now the company has started helping its clients prepare for that future.

Tailormade Italian design
28 June, 2012
Austerity programmes and public spending cuts make life hard for infrastructure businesses in Southern Europe. But Phil Bishop finds one company, Meloni, is raising its horizons.

Home and away
28 June, 2012
While Italy has had a torrid time like many in Europe over the last few years, for hoist manufacturer Misia a change of customer focus has meant steady business.