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Archives a great resource for all but predictions
21 December, 2020
One of the ways in which Hoist can be read is not just on a monthly basis, when your issue reaches your physical mailbox or electronic mailbox, but also as part of an ever-increasing archive of industry insight.

Adapting the usual schedule to the new normal
23 November, 2020
I’ve worked on industry magazines for more than a decade and half now, and you get used to the various cycles that dictate what needs to be done at any given point in the month or year.

Last call to sign up for our virtual conference
23 November, 2020
Stop reading this, please. You can come back afterwards, but for now please put down this copy of Hoist, or the device on which you’re reading your digital copy of our October issue, and head over to and register for our first online conference. If you’ve been passed this copy of the magazine by a colleague after they kept it for themselves in their office for a few days, then I’m afraid you might be reading this too late—the conference takes place on October 8th. Although it is available to view retrospectively for another 30 days after that date.

Our industry still has a trade show happening in 2020
09 October, 2020
don’t normally tend to address the same topic in two consecutive comment pieces, but this month I’m going to make an exception and pick up where I left off in our August issue—that is, discussing our forthcoming online conference.

Tune in to the latest opinions with our webinars
28 July, 2020
I’m of the opinion that there will always be a place for print media in everyday life; while the instant access of the internet makes online media extremely useful, there’s still a certain satisfaction to be had by picking up a magazine or newspaper, sitting down with it and reading it through.

Technology taking centre stage to help businesses
26 June, 2020
I’ve been reluctant to devote too much of my recent editorial comments to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

Disruption, uncertainty, and a small landmark
13 May, 2020
There was really only one option of what to write about in this month’s Editor’s Comment, and that, of course, and unfortunately, is the spread of Covid-19, or Coronavirus, and the immediate effect it’s had on our industry.

Thanks to the posties for almost 10,000 deliveries
13 May, 2020
It’s difficult to start this comment piece anywhere other than on the most obvious topic of Covid-19, and to say that I hope all our readers, and everyone in our industry across the world, are staying safe during the current outbreak.

Navigating the challenges of subsea lifting
30 March, 2020
It’s hard to imagine how difficult it must be to work in offshore conditions. Sure, you could start by looking out of the window, if you’ve lived in the UK during the last six months—we’re already up to the letter ‘D’ in the alphabet of named storms so far in 2020, and Ciara and Dennis have brought some pretty spectacularly bad weather with them in recent weeks—but, joking aside, that isn’t really a patch on the harshness of the conditions found on offshore wind farms, rigs, and so on.

Not Dry January, or Veganuary, but ‘Planuary’
17 February, 2020
I’m writing this in mid-to-late January, and so, inevitably, my social media feeds are gradually filling with jokes and memes about how interminably long the month seems to last.

After the uncertainty: more uncertainty
09 January, 2020
Britain, as you may have heard, has had its fair share of political upheaval and public votes in the last few years. Three general elections, one advisory referendum on whether to leave the EU or not, and a lot of debate, both amongst the public and the politicians.