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Lifting in the internet of things
27 December, 2016
In this month’s issue, we have a series of articles looking at drives, controls, and sensors. Two of these articles look in depth at how cranes can make use of ‘smart’ and connected technologies.

Staying afloat on the North Sea?
14 November, 2016
This month, I’ll be attending LiftEx, the Lifting Equipment Engineers’ Assocation’s (LEEA) UK trade show. Unlike bigger rivals, the event is tightly focussed on overhead lifting. While often busy for its size, it is on a scale that makes it possible to get around quickly and speak to all of the exhibitors in a day or two.

The beauty of simplicity
24 October, 2016

Measure for Measure
03 October, 2016
In this month’s Hoist our focus is on inspection and testing. We have three articles that look at how testing equipment and inspection services are vital to crane selection, installation, and operation.

Getting technical
22 August, 2016

Global connections
26 July, 2016

Uncertain forecasts
22 June, 2016
It’s a typically unreliable summer here in London: last week we needed the heating on, yesterday there was torrential rain in the morning and bright sunshine in the evening. It’s the sort of summer where whatever clothes you put on in the morning, you’ll be cursing your choice by the afternoon; it’s almost a relief when the long grey drizzling British winter comes and you at least know to dress for another cold wet day.

Inspired Investment
17 May, 2016

Steely determination
28 April, 2016
We are less than half way into 2016 and the British steel industry is going through the toughest of times. News that Indian firm Tata Steel is set to sell its UK steel business is the latest hammer blow to an industry that has bore the brunt of thousands of job cuts in recent months.

Creating Confidence
05 April, 2016
In this issue, we look at how overhead cranes and the manufacturing industry go hand-in-hand. An essential enabler for businesses across the globe, overhead crane technology is playing an increasing important role in the daily routines of thousands of manufacturing firms.

Setting Standards
23 March, 2016
With the advent of Spring (for many), we are now entering the ‘all systems go’ period in the lifting tradeshow calendar.

New Year, New Opportunities?
20 January, 2016
Welcome to the first edition of Hoist in 2016. With shows such as Bauma, Modex and CeMAT on the horizon, it's sure to be a frenetic, productive and, hopefully, fruitful for the lifting sector across the globe.