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Hoist blog reaches century milestone
22 December, 2008
As the 100th blog goes live on this website, Hoist editor Richard Howes calls for greater input from industry, invites a sponsor, looks forward to the first trade show of the New Year, and finds out what happened when a fellow professional turned his hand to rigging, just for a day.

Hear, hear!
17 December, 2008
A former overhead crane operator has launched a stinging response to claims that assembly-line workers should not out-earn teachers, published recently in the letters pages of

Sign of the times
11 December, 2008
I'm getting an increasing amount of calls from city firms researching the global overhead lifting market. There are a number of reasons for this.

Home sweet home
04 December, 2008
Journeying the globe, championing its only international factory crane publication (which I’ve done for the past two and a half years now) has, naturally, taught me a lot about the world’s markets and its often geographically defined idiosyncrasies.

UK firms take centre stage
27 November, 2008
As promised, here's a round-up of last week's LiftEx show, the UK's annual one-day exhibition for the lifting industry, which was held at the Kassam Stadium in Oxford.

Keeping tabs
22 November, 2008
There will be more from yesterday's LiftEx event, the UK's annual one-day exhibition for the lifting industry, both online and in print in due course. But first, a round-up of some interesting activity regarding sell-outs and acquisitions, as covered on the Hoist website over the past week or so.

Doors set to open at LiftEx 2008
21 November, 2008
LiftEx 2008, the UK's annual one-day exhibition for the lifting industry, will open its doors later today at the Kassam Stadium in Oxford.

Dawn of a new era
11 November, 2008
The launch of the new Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) training portal marks a significant milestone in the development of the overhead lifting equipment market.

Feeling the pinch
04 November, 2008
The tremors of the global economic crisis are being felt in every nook and cranny of the world's markets. And China is one developing economy on the cusp of uncertain times, as last week's CeMAT Asia show, which took place in Shanghai, proved.

27 October, 2008
Walking the aisles at CeMAT Asia in Shanghai this week (the show runs 27-30 October) represents an opportunity to gauge how (if) the global economic crisis is dampening a market that has skyrocketed in recent times.

Continuity the key for LEEA
22 October, 2008
It had been over two years since my previous visit to Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) headquarters, so it was good to spend a day in Huntingdon earlier this week.

Poll exposes industry's ignorance
06 October, 2008
With the results making painful viewing, I finally removed the longest running poll during my editorship from this website.

Fond memories
22 September, 2008
CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research), the world's largest particle physics centre, has been making global headlines recently, following the switch-on of the LHC particle accelerator, an experiment which aims to recreate the conditions that existed billionths of a second after the big bang.

12 September, 2008
The Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona, has extended the deadline for applications for a tender for a 40 US ton capacity overhead crane in order to allow more time for questions and answers. Bad planning or natural course of events?

Inside story
01 September, 2008
Alexander Kuehnel, director, Deutsche Messe AG, which stages the CeMAT material handling shows, including CeMAT Asia, looks forward to the 2008 event, October 27-30.

Tale of woe
26 August, 2008
In another blog from industry, Rick Wall, Alabama Crane & Electrical Service, explains why he is well equipped to condemn the state of the overhead crane service market in the USA.

A view from industry
19 August, 2008
Peter Still, standards manager, Schneider Electric Ltd., explores the standards surrounding emergency stop devices on cableless controllers and examines their acceptability.

All aboard
11 August, 2008
As part of my ongoing efforts to further engage the end user community, I have unveiled plans to name a Hoist Advisory Board, compiled of overhead lifting equipment end users.

Landmarks and accidents
05 August, 2008
If my calculations are correct, this is the 75th blog I've penned for this website, something of a landmark you could argue.

Polls apart
23 July, 2008
As usual, there are two live polls currently rotating on this site, both addressing the service of overhead lifting equipment. While there's common ground on one, the other demonstrates a concerning difference of opinion.