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A year in reflection
31 December, 2007
On the cusp of another year, let's pause for thought, and reflect on 2007...

Scrooge mentality grips UK, survey says
24 December, 2007
According to a recently published survey, Christmas cheer was missing from many organisations, certainly in the construction sector, this year as festive celebrations were overshadowed by a scrooge mentality, resentment of forced partying and an inability to unwind.

Window of opportunity
20 December, 2007
If you're in the business of installing windows and watch your colleagues elsewhere on the site using lifting equipment, hoists and cranes to do the hard work for them, wondering why a similar tool isn't available to you, I might just have found you something for the Christmas list...

Gift wrapped for the end user
17 December, 2007
It's a time of year when some of us will soon be wrapping gifts for friends and loved ones in preparation for Christmas. But the way crane parts and lifting gear is packed for shipment should also be given consideration. And it would be a wise resolution for 2008 to improve the way you package your products.

Accepting our differences
10 December, 2007
Throughout the global crane market there is all kinds of debate and debacle where standards are concerned, most of the time involving a struggle to conform to one ideal.

The recruitment minefield
03 December, 2007
Every recruitment campaign is different, and every company recruits differently. Of course, the seniority of the vacant, or newly created, position is just one influencing factor. The consistent theme is that recruitment is a minefield, where even the seemingly perfect acquisition can prove to be horribly misguided.

Metals market has global impact
27 November, 2007
You may have already read Myra Pinkham's recent article on the state of the USA primary metals sector, which you can access directly at It serves as a timely update on a sector which is making waves not just in the States, but all over the world.

Fitting stage for LEEA exhibition
21 November, 2007
The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) will stage its annual exhibition - LiftEx - at the Holiday Inn, Telford, this Friday (23 November 2007). Fittingly, Telford is named after Thomas Telford, a famous civil engineer, and describes itself as the "birthplace of industry". I will, of course, be attending so look out for the latest news from the UK market early next week.

Friends in high places
19 November, 2007
A US-based service manager, who has received business from government tenders for eight years (three with his current company) was enraged when he discovered Hoist was publishing US government contract information. "It is a trade secret that keeps some of us in business," he fumed. Do you agree?

Service - the new buzz word
13 November, 2007
The servicing of cranes and hoists has become an issue worldwide. In the more sophisticated markets, customer expectations are significantly higher and the larger companies are taking maintenance to unprecedented levels. Here's what a few key players say about it...

Tests begin on giant gantry
09 November, 2007
I wonder if the Taisun gantry crane located at Chinese shipyard Yantai Raffles (YRS), Yantai, Shandong Province, which is named after a mountain in the province, is really the biggest in the world?

Market matters
05 November, 2007
It's the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) annual exhibition, LiftEx, later this month (23 November) at the Holiday Inn, Telford, where the hot topic will be the state of the market in the UK. But there are many other fascinating geographies to explore. Take Japan, for example.

Stalwart columnist approaches milestone
01 November, 2007
It's hard to explain the enormity of Derrick Bailes' contribution to this magazine, but to give you some idea, the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) chief executive will pen his 50th column in Hoist's December/January issue.

Ships, bottles and crane installations
25 October, 2007
We've all wondered how those ornamental ships got inside the bottle. But installing lifting gear, especially into existing factory environments, is equally challenging, as my research for an upcoming article proved.

Going through the motions
17 October, 2007
CeMAT Asia, organised by Deutsche Messe and its subsidiary Hannover Fairs Shanghai, had a point to prove when it opened its doors at the Shanghai Int'l Expo Centre, Shanghai, on October 10.

Too much of a good thing
08 October, 2007
It is with great excitement that I look forward to my latest visit to China tomorrow (Tuesday) for CeMAT Asia, which takes place at the Shanghai Int’l Expo Centre, Shanghai, from 10-13 October. But is a return to the exhibition ground just 12 months after the previous show overkill?

A step in the right direction
29 September, 2007
Blog time again. Just a quick entry before I jet off to the heart of the Old South, Savannah, Georgia, where the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) will stage its annual meetings from later today (September 29) to October 3.

The times they are a-changin'
28 September, 2007
As Bob Dylan warned us in 1964, the times they are a-changin'. And judging by trends at recent trade shows, he might have had a point, as companies are forced to choose between the show floor and alternative, ultimately cheaper, shop windows online.

The importance of people skills
27 September, 2007
Good people skills get you a long way in life. Whether it's in the office, on the factory floor, or in a restaurant, most of us strive to interact with other people in a friendly and courteous manner. But how well do we actually look after the interests of our colleagues, and indeed the future of our industry?

Quiet please, investigation in progress
26 September, 2007
In this, the third installment of this recently launched blog, Hoist editor Richard Howes asks the HSE for an update on its remote control investigation and wonders if accident prevention is really top of the agenda...