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How to pick a crane remote control
07 December, 2023
Brian Cook, senior product manager, Conductix-Wampfler USA, discusses how to pick the best crane remote for your business.

Below the hook: Sheet Lifters
05 December, 2023
There are special below-the-hook products for lifting sheet, and the most common electrical version is not the only option, says Jay Strong, applications specialist, at The Caldwell Group.

Crane damage: Inspect and detect
01 December, 2023
Mukulesh Debnath, vice president (structural) at India’s Texmaco Rail & Engineering, pinpoints the spots on a crane where damage is most likely to occur.

Overhead crane knowledge – Richard Phillips, mechanical engineer, CP&A
29 November, 2023
Working for a company that offers a wide variety of services, including procurement, specification, design, manufacturing review, modification and accident investigation, I hear a lot about machinery alignment. But it isn’t always widely understood in the crane industry.

LEEA column: The life of a crane
27 November, 2023
Understanding of the Design Working Period is crucial if age-related crane failures are to be avoided, writes Ben Dobbs, head of technical services at the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association.

Overhead crane knowledge – Brian Stephens, president, MMA
22 November, 2023
Monorail Manufacturers Association president Brian Stephens introduces the organisation.

Overhead crane knowledge – John Paxton, CEO of MHI
16 November, 2023
John Paxton, CEO of MHI, says digital trends will push overhead lifting to greater heights.

Editor's Comment: A gold sustainability rating for Konecranes
13 November, 2023
Konecranes’ sustainability work has been rewarded with a Gold rating for a third straight year from EcoVadis, a business sustainability rating agency. Konecranes’ actions, policies and reporting put it in the top 4% of all rated companies globally, and in the top 1% of its general-purpose machinery peers. Its total score improved versus 2022.

Below The Hook: Modular spreader beams
27 October, 2023
There is a growing trend for modular spreader beams, driven by a number of factors, writes Dan Mongan, senior sales engineer at The Caldwell Group.

Checking for kinks in wire rope slings
26 October, 2023
Dave Tucker, senior training specialist, and Dave Thomson, training manager, at the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, explain why attention needs to be paid to kinks during inspections of wire rope slings.

Dockside expertise: Seismic upgrade
19 October, 2023
Richard Phillips, mechanical engineer at CP&A, describes how the company’s Base Anti-Seismic Isolation System is added to cranes.

Dockside case study: AAL Shipping transports juice tanks from China to Portugal
19 October, 2023
Dockside case study: AAL Shipping transports juice tanks from China to Portugal

Powerhoss Spmt now available in Us
16 October, 2023
In celebration of the 40-year anniversary of the TII Scheuerle self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) and in cooperation with the German heavy load transport technology firm, Transport Products and Service Enterprises has announced that the six-axle PowerHoss is now available in North America.

DLM Editor's Comment: Hydrogen Hyster for the Port of Valencia
12 October, 2023
Hyster, a provider of container handling solutions, has developed and shipped a hydrogen fuel cell ReachStacker to the Port of Valencia in Spain. The ReachStacker is part of the H2Ports project, which aims to introduce hydrogen-powered vehicles and equipment in port operations.

ABB launches Hoisting Young Engineer Exchange Program
03 October, 2023
In an attempt to help bridge the skills gap in the global mining industry, electrification and machine automation technology firm ABB has launched the Hoisting Young Engineer Exchange Program to attract the next generation of engineering graduates to a career in mine hoisting.

Below the hook: Multi-point beams
25 September, 2023
Below-the-hook equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, as demonstrated by multi-point lifting beams (and modular spreader frames), writes Dan Mongan, senior sales engineer at The Caldwell Group.

LEEA column: Improving standards
21 September, 2023
Ben Dobbs, head of global standards and legislation at the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, highlights the current works in progress and plans for the BS7121 Code of practice for the safe use of cranes.

Below the hook: A hook in the water
01 September, 2023
Some hooks are designed for underwater applications and use with remotely operated vehicles. Avoiding shedding and snagging are among the requirements, writes Robert Allen, outside sales manager for The Caldwell Group’s RUD product line in the US and Canada.

Kito Crosby announces Oliver Crosby & Edwin Harrington Memorial Scholarship
30 August, 2023
Kito Crosby, a manufacturer of lifting and securement solutions, has launched the Oliver Crosby & Edwin Harrington Memorial Scholarship through the Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF) association scholarship programme.

Sarens takes delivery of Liebherr LR 12500-1.0 Crawler Crane
29 August, 2023
Crane and heavy lifting company Sarens has taken delivery of its first unit of the new Liebherr LR 12500- 1.0 crawler crane at the Port of Rostock in Germany.