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Most read social media stories of 2021
20 December, 2021

Digging deep
16 December, 2021
The world’s mining companies are rushing to reduce their carbon footprint through electrification and a shift to renewable power but the technology for industrial-scale carbon capture and storage is still in its infancy. Jenny Eagle investigates.

Heavy duty order
16 December, 2021
BVS Cranes of Turkey continues to take the lead in the Turkish and global steel investments.

Catching the training
16 December, 2021
Training for crane and hoist operators is necessary, both to be legal and to be safe. Julian Champkin reports.

Supplying America
16 December, 2021
North America is facing supply chain problems, and hoist manufacturers are finding strategies to cope. Julian Champkin reports.

30 November, 2021
As APM Terminals announces it will use a 5G network to connect all cranes, vehicles, and operators at the Port of Barcelona. Jenny Eagle looks at the latest news in Spain and its bounceback from COVID-19.

Who’s in control here?
30 November, 2021
Technology now offers crane control systems that can do all that skilled operators can do but more smoothly, more efficiently and more safely. Julian Champkin investigates.

Cleaning up
30 November, 2021
Clean room hoists are in high demand, buoyed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing semiconductor chip shortage. Mike Straus reports on the complexities of serving this unique sector.

All change at Tele Radio UK
30 November, 2021
Tele Radio UK is entering its next phase of growth as it welcomes a new managing director John Suero, and Tele Radio Group as a whole expands internationally, adding subsidiaries in India, Russia, Brazil and the US.

Solar fusion
30 November, 2021
As work on the world’s largest International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) progresses, we look at the cranes assembling the machinery inside the Tokamak.

Italy lifts itself up
29 October, 2021
Italy’s engineering has a global reputation, and the country has many manufacturers of hoists and cranes. But the pandemic hit there hard and early. How have its hoist makers fared since then? Julian Champkin investigates and highlights recent projects.

Nerves of steel
27 October, 2021
With the ongoing pressure on US President Joe Biden to lift steel tariffs and news that Sweden’s SSAB has produced the ‘world’s first fossil-free’ steel, Jenny Eagle looks at the latest projects in the metal distribution sector.

Bigger, broader, better
25 October, 2021
The pandemic has revealed a global shipping industry that is stretched to and sometimes beyond the limit. Julian Champkin investigates the response of ports and docks and finds that size does matter.

Ship Ahoy!
20 October, 2021
Cimolai supplies one of the world’s largest Mobile Boat Hoists to Derecktor Shipyards in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Fly me to the moon
20 October, 2021
ACECO works with NASA on its Artemis II space programme to send the first woman to the Moon.

Antipodean effect
08 September, 2021
Axel Johnson International’s Lifting Solutions business has ventured out of Europe for the first time acquiring five lifting companies in Australia. Jenny Eagle speaks to LEEA about the news as well as its announcement to set up a Regional Council for Australia & New Zealand.

One rail to rule them all
08 September, 2021
A gantry crane can pick up and set down anywhere within a certain area. A monorail is more limited. It can work only along a line. But for many plants and factories, linear transport is exactly what they need. Julian Champkin investigates the monorail.

Heavy duties
08 September, 2021
As demand for heavy lifting grows, manufacturers advise that success is all in the planning. Keren Fallwell reports

Quay solutions
08 September, 2021
The 13 new cranes installed at the Port of Liverpool this year will help to drive efficiency and future-proof the port’s operations. Keren Fallwell reports.

The Tiger’s Prowess
08 September, 2021
Tiger Lifting UK celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and thanks to its success has moved into larger premises to cope with a rise in demand.