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Controlling the crane sector
10 December, 2013
Radio remote controls are an integral component of the material lifting sector. Tim Sheahan takes a look at some of the latest developments taking place in this burgeoning market

Blowing up
10 December, 2013
With installed global wind energy capacity experiencing double digit growth, turbinehoists for maintenance and repair are in high demand in key markets

Is the south on the up?
10 December, 2013
Infrastructure and manufacturing growth across South Asia and Asia-Pacific is correlating withstrong demand for material handling equipment. However, manufacturers are approaching 2014 and beyond with a cautious optimism, finds Tim Sheahan

Placing the spotlight on warehouse automation
08 November, 2013
Automated Guided Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers play an integral role in the modernwarehouse. Innovative machines and intricate control systems are enabling companies to get the most out of their warehousing operations, finds Tim Sheahan.

Arbil: 50 years in the making
08 November, 2013
When chairman Raymond R. Bills founded Arbil Lifting in Wolverhampton back in 1963, a global business operating out of modern premises across the UK was probably a pipedream. Now, 50 years young, Arbil is celebrating this major anniversary but Bills and his company have no plans of slowing down.

Picking up the pieces
08 November, 2013
Hoist manufacturers have a major part to play in the food and pharmaceutical manufacturingprocess. Ever-changing industry regulations and strong demand from end users is driving investment in this machinery, finds Tim Sheahan.

Onwards and upwards
08 November, 2013
Growth in the automotive and manufacturing markets are expected to boost North America’sindustrial construction sector in the coming years. But as confidence slowly returns to the market, manufacturers are finding that customers are still erring on the side of caution when it comes to committing to significant new investments, finds Tim Sheahan.

CSX Intermodal Terminals returns to Konecranes
08 November, 2013
Konecranes has been commissioned by US-based transportation firm CSX Intermodal Terminals to provide a quartet of RTG cranes.

Making a move
16 October, 2013
As with many capital equipment sectors, conveyor belt manufacturers have arguably suffered from a challenging economic climate and a cautious customer base that have put new equipment investments on hold. However, the tide has turned and as sales pick up, technological developments continue at pace.

Think outside the box for cranes and hoists
16 October, 2013
When contemplating entering the cranes and hoists market, panel system integrators need to think outside the box - not only laterally but vertically as well. Mainstream horizontal applications like conveyors cannot be shoehorned into the same category as cranes and hoists. Tony Young, owner and director of CP Automation explains the complexities of vertical lift applications.

The rigging opportunity
16 October, 2013
Rigging and hoist equipment needs to meet an increasing number of exacting demands to stand out from the competition, Tim Sheahan looks at some of the latest developments

Lifting the industry
16 October, 2013
Some of the biggest and most robust equipment is needed for iron and steel making. And despite economic problems demand is holding up.

On the up
11 October, 2013
LiftEx 2013 takes place this November at the USN Arena in Bolton. The event is set to be the biggest yet and with more exhibitors and content than ever before, this year is the perfect time to pay a visit the to the UK’s leading lifting exhibition.

Constructing the future
11 October, 2013
The upcoming World Cup and Olympic Games in Brazil, coupled with growth in the automotive, shipbuilding and oil and gas sectors across South America, has ensured that the continent is an attractive proposition for hoist and crane manufacturers, finds Tim Sheahan

The future of AS/RS
02 August, 2013
Faster and more sustainable systems, tied to more and more robotics are the future for AS/RS, reports Adrian Greeman.

Georgia Ports sets cranes record
01 August, 2013
Georgia Ports Authority’s Garden City Terminal has made history by having more electric-powered container cranes than any other single terminal in the US.

Middle East: Challenges and opportunities
30 July, 2013
Ian White, chief executive of Lloyds British Testing, provides a snapshot of the Middle East market.

Indonesia: South East Asia’s powerhouse economy
30 July, 2013
Not content with becoming the largest economy in South East Asia, by 2030 Indonesia could boast the world’s seventh largest economy overtaking Germany and the United Kingdom, reports Hoist editor Kizzi Nkwocha.

Emerson gives ageing crane new lease of life
24 July, 2013
Advanced DC drives from Missouri–based Emerson Control Techniques have been selected by Terminal de Contenedores de Yucatán (TCY) to modernise the control system on an ageing ship-to-shore crane in Progreso, México and bring it back up to speed.

GE delivers Dalian crane management system
24 July, 2013
General Electric technoloy will have a key role in the production of next-generation LNG tankers and container ships after the firm was chosen by China’s Dalian shipyard to deliver a drive and automation system for a new Goliath Crane.