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Fodgaard goes long
27 December, 2011
At a food processing equipment plant in Denmark, Fodgaard has installed one of the country’s longest crane systems, and designed a Bluetooth crane communication system to prevent dangerous lifts.

Anglo-Indian partners
26 December, 2011
Street Crane, based in the English countryside, has recently formed a new partnership with K2 Cranes in Chennai, India.

Picking winners
20 December, 2011
Economic turmoil bedevils Western Europe, but Phil Bishop finds there are still some companies that are finding work

International investors in India
19 December, 2011

Cable carrier keeps winch truck turning
01 December, 2011
Aiming to produce cranes easily integrated into customers’ automated process lines to create the ‘ideal factory’, crane manufacturer CO.MAS turned to German firm KabelSchlepp to provide high-performance cable carrier systems.

Offshore all-rounders
30 November, 2011
Aberdeen based EnerMech is making waves in the offshore sector, providing a range of cranes, lifting, rigging and hoist services to oil and gas exploration and production companies working in the North Sea, Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. Cristina Brooks reports

Heavy investment
30 November, 2011
With its roots in the industrial revolution, a world-beating reputation throughout much of the last century, and a decline over the last three decades, Bridon once looked like it might share the same fate as dozens of fallen British manufacturing giants. Will North asked CEO Jonathan Templeman about investing in making the company great again.

Hoists on the high seas
30 November, 2011
In the second of a two part series on the oil and gas sector, Phil Bishop reports on developments in offshore lifting.

Turbulent times
30 November, 2011
Phil Bishop reports on recent crane industry developments across the Middle East and North Africa and finds Saudi Arabia to be a particular focus of interest.

Uniting against political lobbying
19 September, 2011

Remote Controls
26 May, 2011
Five new remote control products

Risky business
03 May, 2011
Even over the past five years, the way that customers and criminals engage with the internet has changed. The rise in ‘hacktivism’ and the mass productisation of increasingly sophisticated malware mean that banks are more vulnerable to attack than ever before. Michael Jones speaks to Michael Paisley, head of information risk & business resilience at Santander, about the sea change in cyber threats that banks are currently facing.

Equipment review
12 April, 2011
Crane mats are used to provide machine access and stability in areas with difficult ground conditions. They also help to spread axle weight pressures evenly across the ground. Cranes Today takes a look at a selection of environmentally-friendly crane mats.

Buying an overhead travelling crane
10 March, 2011
Anyone planning a new facility which requires overhead lifting must include an electric overhead travelling crane (EOTC) in the options they consider. The term encompasses a wide variety of designs which, between them, can provide a solution for virtually every situation. The starting point in coming to any decision is an understanding of the various types and their relative merits.

Kühnezug keeps it simple
10 March, 2011
Kühnezug has focused for fifty years on manufacturing machines that are simple enough for customers to repair themselves. Phil Bishop reports.

Hold steady
10 March, 2011
Renova AB is using a grab crane fitted with ABB anti-sway drives on waste handling duties at a facility in Gothenburg. A waste handling crane is using ABB industrial drives with anti-sway control to help improve the overall productivity of a waste-to-energy site in Sweden.

Tech-tonic shift
01 March, 2011
Although nothing new to the material handling industry, increasingly rapid proliferation and evolution of RFID technology could prove to be a competitive advantage many may not be able to do without. Kevin Walsh reports.As history has shown, the advent of any new technology offers the ability to leapfrog to the front of the field for those who act quickly.

Cement moulds light as air
13 February, 2011
Handel Sollevamenti has engineered a travelling chain hoist for cement producer Il Cantere for use in its mould manufacturing factory. Bruno Rivenotto, buyer at Cantere, had seen Handel Sollevamenti's work in another plant in the region. Cristina Brooks reports.

Biglift in a big pond
11 January, 2011
Professional lifting equipment training to typical UK standards is in big demand across the globe. Kevin Walsh catches up with Biglift in the oil-rich nation of Angola.