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Maintenance, cranes, Nicosia, Greece
29 December, 2008

Inspection, hoists and cranes, Germany
24 December, 2008

Hoist chains, Missouri, US
19 December, 2008

Chain hoist/travelling crane, Iowa, US
17 December, 2008

Alteration, cranes and hoists, France
15 December, 2008

Gantry cranes and hoists, Texas, US
14 December, 2008

Gantry cranes with 3 US ton hoists, Texas, US
11 December, 2008

Two bridge cranes, Pennsylvania, US
10 December, 2008

Limits hoist travel electronically
09 December, 2008
Brighton, Darling and Kary of Columbus McKinnon Corp. have invented a hoist travel limiting system that, with electronic controls, is claimed to improve on several previous designs of limiting mechanisms. The patent (US Patent 7,284,743) was published on October 23 2007 following an application filed on November 3 2006.

The value of training in troubled times
09 December, 2008
When better times return, as they inevitably will, it will be the companies who have maintained their skills base which will be best placed to take advantage of the upturn, says Derrick Bailes.

Dream team
09 December, 2008
Four companies worked in unison to meet the demanding specifications of a new wind power plant in Iowa.

CMAA launches product guide
09 December, 2008
The Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) has launched a product guide, which describes the overhead lifting equipment and services offered by its 34 member companies. Oddvar Norheim, president, explains.

Remote release
08 December, 2008
New remote-control hooks help workers get out from underneath loads and can also improve the efficiency of jobs that require a lot of hooking and releasing, reports Will Dalrymple

Oldenburg wins crane parts contract
08 December, 2008

Bridge crane, Washington, DC, US
05 December, 2008

Jib crane, New Brunswick, Canada
26 November, 2008

Overhead crane, Sacramento, US
24 November, 2008

Hoist, Minnesota, US
21 November, 2008

Jib cranes, Pennsylvania, US
20 November, 2008

Top running bridge crane, New Jersey, US
18 November, 2008