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Watertight offshore lifting
02 October, 2003
A new code of practice can help safeguard lifting on oil rigs and in other types of adverse conditions, says Derrick Bailes

Get a grip
02 October, 2003
New guidance on how to operate and maintain manual lever hoist has hit the stands, reports Will Dalrymple

Promoting remotes
02 October, 2003
Two simple pushbutton remote controls aim to convert even the most thrifty of customers

Pro choice
02 October, 2003
Factory cranes are more adapted than ever before to fast maintenance. It's no surprise that the pros are taking over. Will Dalrymple examines how to choose a service provider

Taiwan's big push
02 October, 2003
As its domestic market slows, Taiwan Hoist and Crane is looking across southeast Asia and beyond.David Hayes reports

Casting director
02 October, 2003
A Belgian concrete casting company has a new 50t SWL gantry crane

The HSE way
02 October, 2003
A new assessment tool is designed to help determine when manual handling is too risky. Will Dalrymple reports

Space saver
02 October, 2003
Crane designer CT Kraner has packed 17 cranes into a small windmill factory

Still life in the old dogs
02 October, 2003
Checked the small ads lately? Used cranes can be a bargain and a shrewd purchase too. Will Dalrymple reports

Supporting structures and connections
01 August, 2003
What holds up a lifting appliance is as important as the appliance itself, says Derrick Bailes

Selecting the right lifting appliance
03 June, 2003
Continuing our series of equipment selection advice from Derrick Bailes

Shackles and eyebolts
19 April, 2003
Derrick Bailes offers advice on specifying and procuring shackles and eyebolts

Talk is cheap
27 February, 2003

Joining the ten percenters
27 February, 2003

Specifying general purpose slings
03 February, 2003
Derrick Bailes, chief executive of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, offers advice on the procurement of slings

The history makers
03 February, 2003
A hundred and fifty years of industrial heritage centres on the small town of Muskegon in Michigan, USA

Way to weigh
03 February, 2003
Will Dalrymple visits a company that opted for a useful extra feature on its new crane

Mobile gantry gets the job done
03 February, 2003
A TriLifter can be used to install EOT cranes

Two years later
03 February, 2003
Two years ago Mike Maddock led a management buyout at Morris Material Handling Ltd. Phil Bishop catches up with him to see how his plans are working out

Künz installs track storage system
03 February, 2003