Verlinde supplies overhead cranes to Greek steelwork fabricator

22 November 2010

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Glezelis Mantikos Steel Constructions has installed the 20t double girder cranes in the production hall of its steelwork construction facility, enabling lifts of up to 7m high and spanning 18m.

The single girder gantry crane has been installed outside the entrance to the production hall.

Built by modifying an existing crane, the gantry crane uses the original crane’s end carriages and drive units, adding a new main girder, new legs and a Verlinde VT304 hoist.

Each overhead crane in the production hall is fitted with a Verlinde VT404 hoist with a maximum lifting capacity of 20t, operating at lift speeds between 0.6m and 4m per minute.

For smaller products made at the plant, which often require two fixing points, each of the overhead cranes is also fitted with a secondary 5t Verlinde VT204 hoist to enable tandem lifting at speeds between 0.8m and 5m per minute.

Both sets of hoists run on separate trolleys and are capable of cross-travel speeds of up to 20m per minute.