Street Crane and Gunnebo join forces in NI

21 December 2009

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Under the agreement, Gunnebo Industries (incorporating WH Scott and Sons), will have six Street Crane trained engineers on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for crane installation, service and support in Northern Ireland.

Street Crane

The Gunnebo Industries team will operate from dedicated vehicles, including ‘workshops on wheels’, equipped with load cells, test equipment, spare parts and work benches. Gunnebo Industries will also hold a range of Street Crane hoists in stock to meet immediate customer needs.

Steve Hirst, Street Crane sales manager for Northern Ireland, will work in parallel with Bertie Seaton, Gunnebo Industries’ Northern Ireland manager. “This is great news for our local customers who will now have first class technical support and service throughout the working life of their Street Crane lifting equipment,” said Hirst.

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