New travelling trolleys for chain hoists

2 December 2009

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The motorised trolleys are fitted with speed variation and are controlled by an R8CPU VS controller. The use of this controller makes it possible to drive up to 64 motors in automatic or semi-automatic mode, Verlinde said. This can be used to create ‘the most elaborate scenic effects’, it added.

The motorised trolleys are designed to be used with Eurosystem Alu modular structures, which can handle loads from 500kg up to 2,000kg.

Stagemaker trolley

“Combined with configurations with speed variation motors, and a simple or multiple single-beam crane, the trolley will give full freedom in the scenic effects while guaranteeing the highest levels of safety,” a spokesperson for Verlinde said. “The greatest precision of movement is therefore provided as well as better management of the stage area.”

Stagemaker trolley Stagemaker trolley