Meyer Turku partners with Kito Erikkila on light crane system

13 December 2021

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Kito Erikkila has partnered with Finnish shipbuilding company Meyer Turku to install a light crane system for its shipbuilding production line.

Meyer Turku is one of the world’s leading cruise ship builders and specialises in building cruise ships, car-passenger ferries and other vessels, employing approximately 2,000 people.

Before choosing a supplier, Meyer compared several different light crane suppliers. The decision to adopt Kito Erikkila’s solution was based on delivery time and quality.

Although the crane that was delivered is a light crane, it is impressive. The length of the crane track is 75 m, and the crane span is 7.5 m. Moving the beams out from the production line was realised using a radio-controlled telescopic bridge, which allowed the beams to be loaded to the forklift’s reach outside the support frame of the crane.

The schedule was tight, but the entire project, from design to deployment, was completed in two months.

In addition to the quality of the cranes and the technical solutions, the proximity of installation and maintenance services was considered to be one of the most important criteria. A service technician was available at all times to resolve any problems at short notice.

“The main goal of the project was to bring T-beam production to the shipyard area into our own hands. We can now manufacture beams more flexibly with our new production line. The project had a very demanding schedule. Kito Erikkila met our challenge with a good delivery time and a technical solution that suited our line,” said Henrik Mantere, director, Hull Production, Meyer Turku.

Kito Erikkila's light crane is a critical element of the production line, as the beams are transported step by step from one work station to another throughout the production process. Inverter drives, both for transfers and lifts, make moving from one station to another easier. The throughput is faster when the positioning of the pieces is precise and easy.