Konecranes launches new overhead crane system

10 December 2014

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Konecranes has launched a new overhead crane system that it claims is capable of handling any load up to 350kg in an almost weightless fashion.

The ATB AirBalancer is a technology that is found in the manufacturer's WLS family of workstation lifting systems, which are commonly used in aerospace, automotive and metals; food and beverage; manufacturing and materials sectors.

Konecrane`s new system leverages a floating load unit that harnesses air pressure as the power source. This is said to make light lifting jobs safer, easier and smoother, as well as offering lower cycle times.

According to the manufacturer, the AirBalancer is capable of preventing overloading and provides ``uninterrupted three-dimensional movement`` without any unwanted jerks in motion during the lifting or lowering processes.

Konecranes is pitching the AirBalancer technology at companies lifting fragile items such as those in manufacturing, solar energy, automotive, railroad and heavy vehicle maintenance and aviation.

"The innovative design and ergonomic features of the WLS family help ensure that their operators can rely on their equipment and go home unharmed at the end of the shift. Safety is further enhanced by a wide range of products featuring suitability for hazardous environments, in accordance with Konecranes' "hooked on safety" philosophy," explains the company.

Other features of the new AirBalancer system is its lifting and lowering speeds of up to 2000m/sec as well as its pneumatic control technology that is claimed to enhance hygiene and cleanliness in operation.

Elsewhere, the system can be tailored to a number of specific needs thanks to a range of features including proportional control balancing control, balancing control for fixed load weight, dual load balancing, triple load balancing, and automatic load detection or a combination of required features.