Hoffend debuts stage hoist

20 December 2005

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The Vortek Point hoist mounts vertically or horizontally and drops a double fall of wire rope. All hoists include a mechanical load brake and two upper and two lower travel limit switches. A total of four models can lift 400 lbs, 800 lbs, 1,200 lbs and 1,400 lbs.

Each hoist can be specified with either a simple S series controller, lifting speed 20 ft/min (6m/min), or the Hoffend-developed Pro series controller, in which lifting speed runs from 0 to 180 ft/min (55 m/min). Both have an independently-wired emergency stop switch. The hoists are available with travel lengths of 65 ft (20m) and 100ft (33m).

The Vortek Point takes power through a bus system with pigtail taps. The power pigtail cords are equipped with clip locking connectors to plug into three-phase 200-240V or 380-480V +/- 10% AC power feed, 50/60 Hz.

Among other features such as cuing, the Pro series controller can detect weight variances as low as three pounds between pre-set loads and actual loads.

Hoffend Vortek Point theatre hoist Hoffend Vortek Point theatre hoist