German Stagemaker distributor named

13 December 2008

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French company Verlinde manufactures around 43,000 chain hoists a year. Although these are primarily intended for industrial applications, about 20% of the annual production volume consists of Stagemaker hoists for the event industry.


Verlinde Stagemaker motors have "high levels of operational safety and the extensive range of models available have gained them an excellent reputation in the event segment," it said.

"Stagemaker motor hoists operate at a low noise level and are very reliable," it added. They can be implemented either as stationary or climbing hoists.

As the technical distribution company for Stagemaker motor-driven chain hoists, Cast will also provide after sales, servicing, repairs and spare parts as well as providing a qualified team to carry out accident prevention and insurance (UVV) testing on the equipment.

Further details are available by contacting Cast C.Adolph directly, tel: +49 (0)2331 691 500, email: [email protected] Online:

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