Air Technical Industries unveils free-standing workstation bridge cranes

6 October 2021

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Air Technical Industries is developing a series of free-standing workstation bridge cranes, to give workers dedicated X-Y-Z movement in any work cell or department, sold as a do-it-yourself kit or turnkey installation.

The double girder bridge comes fully assembled, electrically wired and tested, customers just need an electric or pneumatic power source. The new design of the double girder with hoist built-in offers great benefits including low headroom and greater working height.

The double-girder design carries the hoist inside the bridge between the beams so that only the hook hangs below the bridge allowing for low headroom clearance and maximum utility.

“I'm really excited about this product because although there is a fair amount of competition with this type of workstation crane, we are incorporating some unique capabilities that will make our product stand apart,” said Vida Novak, CEO, Air Technical Industries.

“One of the most valuable of those capabilities is the low-profile double-girder bridge design. This is being offered as an upgrade, so customers can purchase them in a traditional format to be the most cost-effective where feasible. However, the low-profile style will enable customers to maximize the hook height in low-headroom areas and in many cases might enable a lift that was not previously possible. There is no other system that will offer the least amount of unusable headroom between the maximum crane height and the below-the-hook height.”

The self-supporting feature is an ideal solution in a rented building, because it requires no modifications to the building structure and can be installed independent of any existing structural supports. Another feature is the crane can be used indoors and moved outdoors if necessary.

The bridge span is available in a variety of widths to suit. The runway is also available in any length to meet the user's requirements. The bridge and hoist travel can be manually operated for smaller capacities and can be upgraded to motorized bridge and trolley travel.

Capacities available are 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000 and 10,000 pounds. Power is 120VAC single-phase for lighter capacities or 240-480VAC 3-phase for larger, heavier capacities. Pneumatic compressed air operation is also available.

Standard control pendant is wired and can be upgraded to wireless radio controls. Customization is offered for special environmental considerations, for example hazardous areas, clean rooms, food processing, etc