40m span stockyard crane

8 December 2004

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UK’s Technical Cranes has built a 4m span crane for a stockyard outside a UK steel rolling mill. The double-girder box-profile crane has a lifting capacity of 10t. The girder was fabricated in 30m and 10m sections and connected by a splice joint. It replaces an old lattice-beam girder crane.
Hoist speed is 13m/min; cross travel is 35m/min and long travel varies up to 80m/min along the 150m gantry. The crane runs on four end carriage bogies, each of which has its own power drive. All are centrally linked to inverter controls. They are fitted with custom-designed guide rollers whose flanges have been machined off so they fit the track rails. The crane is controlled with an Itowa Combi joystick radio remote control. It is also fitted with storm lock and high wind warning system. Lifting height is 8m.

Stockyard crane Stockyard crane