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Going up down under
08 August, 2019
The crane market in Oceania has been going through hard times. But Julian Champkin finds an air of anticipation and a refusal to give in.

Through the roof
08 August, 2019
Digitalisation in hoist technology has brought us such things as antisway mechanisms, load monitoring, automatic speed control, and zone control. But as Julian Champkin reports, that is just the start.

Staying power
08 August, 2019
John Bensalhia investigates the latest developments in hoisting equipment and machinery for the power generation industry

Apprenticeship pathway to the lifting industry’s future
08 August, 2019
Baz Trewhella, learning and development projects specialist at the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), was tasked in 2018 to initiate a project for establishing an apprenticeship standard for the lifting industry. He explains the progress and scope of the initiative.

Best supporting tractor
08 August, 2019
A combination of Erikkila light crane systems and Kito hoists were installed at an innovative tractor manufacturing facility in Germany.

Rigging it up
29 July, 2019
Julian Champkin looks at recent developments in the rigging and attachments sector.

On a roll
29 July, 2019
The paper and card manufacturing industry is on the up, and innovations in handling, logistics and maintenance are helping the sector to meet demand. Daniel Searle reports.

Middle east to move
29 July, 2019
The Middle East is oil-rich but unstable. Julian Champkin finds the market for lifting machinery has been on hold, but is poised to move upwards.

New possibilities for Crosby and Straightpoint
19 June, 2019
Daniel Searle visited Straightpoint’s Havant premises to find out more about how the business will be adapting under its new owners, US rigging manufacturers Crosby Group.

Sway away
19 June, 2019
Accomplished hoist operators can move a load without causing it to sway. But it is a skill acquired only with training and experience. Julian Champkin finds that anti-sway systems do even more than the name suggests.

Set the stage
19 June, 2019
The entertainment industry demands ever-greater spectacle, which means ever-greater demands on stage lifting technology. Julian Champkin is stage-struck.

Innovation showcase
19 June, 2019
Promat took place in Chicago in April, with crane and handling equipment manufacturers lining up alongside other members of the logistics industry. Daniel Searle attended.

Chains of success
10 May, 2019
The chain hoist has been around for many years. Julian Champkin finds modern additions to a design that works.

Going Nuclear
10 May, 2019
Both building and decommissioning nuclear plants imposes very special requirements on lifting gear. Julian Champkin finds the regulations as mountainous as the loads to be moved.

Mixed Growth
10 May, 2019
Africa’s manufacturing sector may have previously gone through tumultuous times, but with recovering global commodity prices the sector is set to register growth that will fuel increased demand for various load lifting equipment designed to maximize quality production and ensure high level material handling processes. Shem Oirere reports.

Engine Room
09 May, 2019
A jet engine maintenance facility in Brazil is using a highly automated system manufactured by Stahl Talhas for transporting engines.

Ocean drive
18 April, 2019
Subsea lifting is used in a range of sectors, each with specific requirements. Julian Champkin investigates.

Creative processes
18 April, 2019
Process cranes are crucial to many industries that need bulk handling of raw materials. Julian Champkin investigates.

Logical progression
18 April, 2019
Daniel Searle attended the recent Logimat show in Stuttgart, Germany, to speak with exhibitors about their latest products, and their views on the prospects for the market in 2019.

Wood works
15 March, 2019
Wood, and products made from wood, can be strong, sustainable, and good-looking, and are increasingly in demand for everything from medium-rise buildings to flat-pack furniture. It is, though, awkward to handle. Julian Champkin looks at lifting kit for wood and timber.