Verlinde provides light crane system

26 February 2020

Prefatec France, a manufacturer of prefabricated electrical installations for new or renovated buildings, contracted Verlinde to install equipment at the new extension to its production facility.

Prefatec’s requirements for the overhead lifting equipment included leaving the ground surface completely free of obstructions to accommodate the movements of dense operator traffic, while in the production facility area, where load handling was mainly manual, the lifting system had to be ergonomic. The weight of the lifting equipment also had to be adapted to suit the light structure of the existing framework at the facility.

To meet all these needs, Verlinde proposed a Eurosystem aluminium electrical handling structure be suspended from the building’s structural framework.

The crane manufacturer first met with architects to confirm the weight of system that could be borne by the building; as this was low, Verlinde opted for four lifting cranes to be installed side-by-side, each with a lifting capacity of 125kg, a span of 4m and a travel length of 20m. In total, 176m of Eurosystem aluminium rails were installed, with the hollow profile helping to keep the weight down and the suspended design of the system minimised stress on the bearing structure. The system also offers excellent rolling coefficient, said Verlinde, providing smooth travel for the loads.