Two new limit switches from TER

4 April 2019

TER has introduced two new position limit switches suitable for overhead cranes and hoists.

The Arke switch is designed for controlling cranes, hoists and complex machine tools, and is particularly suitable for use in harsh operating conditions, says Elma Components, sales and service partner of TER.

It features two fixing holes, switches with a mechanical life of 2m operations, temperature resistance from -40°C to 80°C, and is certified to IP65, IP66 and IP67 levels of protection. All materials and components used are wear-resistant and guarantee protection against water and dust, adds Elma.

TER’s INO range of position limit switches comprises the INO Standard, INO Wired, and INO Safety. Again suitable for cranes, hoists and machine tools, the INO switches are available with casings made of fiberglass-reinforced UL-VO thermoplastic, zinc alloy (zama) or aluminum. They offer two or four fixing holes, and different width and different cable entries: 30mm with a single cable entry, 35mm wired, 40mm with one cable entry, 50mm with two or three cable entries and 60 mm with three cable entries. The switches have a mechanical life of up to 30m operations.

The INO switches are classified IP65 and IP66, while the INO Wired series, having thermoplastic material or die-cast metal casings sealed with epoxy plastic at the base by the cable entries, is classified IP67. Equipped with up to 39 different types of metal, techno-polymer or aluminum heads, the INO switches are designed to resist temperatures from -40°C to 70°C.