S for Switzerland: Konecranes supplies metal trader

6 May 2020

Konecranes has received an order for its innovative S-series overhead cranes from a new customer, Häuselmann Metall.

The order from Häuselmann, the largest independent metal trader in Switzerland, includes five 1.6t SWL cranes and two 2.5t SWL cranes. These will be used for incoming and outgoing material flow, as well as the movement of stock within the cutting and storing processes. The order was received in February 2020 and the cranes are due to be installed by February 2021.

The S-series crane features Konecranes’s new barb-free synthetic rope, designed to make load carrying simpler and safer. It requires no lubrication, which can result in reduced maintenance costs for the rope drum and sheaves, says Konecranes, and the trolley and reeving arrangement reduces wheel loads by up to 45% compared with previous hoists.

The S-series was launched in September 2019 alongside the C-series chain hoist and the M-series winch crane.

Klaus Hueber, production andlogistics manager atHäuselmann Metall, said:

“Even though Konecranes manufactures heavy equipment, their performance has been far from heavy. We are extremely pleased with Konecranes’s customer service, flexibility and response times. The offer was the first one that we received and it was the one we selected.”

Marko Tulokas, senior vice president of Konecranes Industrial Cranes, added:

“We are really proud of our next-generation cranes and the additional value they bring to our customers and it is a true pleasure to start the S-series journey with our new customer, Häuselmann Metall. Based on the strong customer interest since the product launch, we look forward to sharing more news like this during 2020 and beyond.”