Remembering Brian Gibbons, long-standing industry member

4 September 2020

We regret to report that Brian Gibbons, who worked in the overhead crane industry for several decades, has passed away at the age of 86, in Bury, UK.

Gibbons worked for a number of companies in the industry, including Riley Cranes, Acrow Crane and Hoist, MB Wild, J Barnsley Cranes, Stahl Ltd and Stahl CraneSystems.

Former colleague Stephen Young said: “Brian was a typical crane man. All disciplines related to the design and manufacture of overhead cranes and hoists were within his portfolio. He was also a true gentleman, and the most dedicated company man I have ever known.

“I had the honour to work with Brian all my working life representing the UK crane manufacturing capabilities worldwide. I do know he turned down the numerous requests to rise higher in the industry.”

Jim Satchwell, managing director of J Barnsley Cranes remembers his initial days working with Brian in the 1970s. “His knowledge of mechanical handling equipment in general was in Mr Satchwell’s opinion quite outstanding,” said Young. “He remembers Brian’s attributes, as well as being a true gentleman, his total commitment to the company and dedication in the performance of his duties. They worked together for many years and enjoyed many happy days on the golf course. His is a sad loss; he was one of the good guys.”

Pat Peace, retired managing director of R. Stahl Ltd, mourns the loss of Brian: “A most dedicated and conscientious engineer and very much a gentleman. His knowledge of the crane industry and its people was second to none. One of the old school and a sad loss, will be missed but also well remembered.”

Werner Wagner, managing director at Stahl CraneSystems said: “Brian was an unassuming man who throughout his working life amassed a great knowledge of the SCS products. I remember Brian’s ability to help and pass on his knowledge to others in a most kind and effective way, whether in technical discussions or sales representation, he was always a gentleman who served his company well. Rest in peace Brian.”