Rail replacement on time with Enerpac gantry

29 September 2017

A replacement rail bridge deck has been lifted by Osprey Heavy Lift using Enerpac’s hydraulic gantry system, a solution that avoids the potential for delays caused by high winds.

UK-based Osprey Heavy Lift used an Enerpac SBL900 gantry to prepare a replacement bridge section on the Chester railway line.

Managing director Nigel Fletcher said: “The Enerpac gantry was the ideal lifting system for this bridge deck replacement project. Working at ground level and the ease of lifting the deck on to an SPMT made for a smooth installation of the new bridge deck.”

The use of such a hydraulic gantry system helped to ensure that completion of the project was not delayed, said Enerpac, as high winds of more than 12mph can preclude lifting a bridge deck using a crane. A gantry can be used in wind speeds up to four times that permissible with a crane, added the company.