Kito and Harrington launch hoists

26 February 2020

Japan-based Kito Corporation has launched its new TCH air hoist in Japan.

The hoist offers faster hoisting compared to the previous model, and as it is powered by compressed air it requires no electric power, making it usable anywhere; it also has no motor, which eliminates the risk of the motor burning out, improving reliability. It is also safer to use in flammable environments, said Kito, and is particularly suited to use in shipyards, petrochemical plants and heavy industry.

The TCH hoist also features a built-in load limiter, and is available with a capacity of 3t, 6t or 25t.

In Pennsylvania, USA, Kito subsidiary Harrington Hoists has introduced 7.5t and 10t models to its RY line of electric wire rope hoists for the North American market. The hoists are designed and developed by Kito, and were launched in Japan in 2016 with the 3t and 5t models, before being introduced into North America in May 2019.

The RY series offers dual-speed variable frequency drive control as standard on both hoist and trolley, which helps to minimise load swing and load bounce; a magnetic disc brake for maximum safety; and a no load high-speed function, through which the hoist can operate at 1.5 times the rated speed when carrying a load less than 25% of the rated capacity.

Harrington has also launched its new TCL series of lube-free air hoists, which operate without air supply lubrication, thereby eliminating the distribution of oil mist from the air exhaust into the surrounding environment and making the hoists suited to the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The TCL series hoists are available in 250kg, 500kg and 1t capacities, with either cord or pendant controls. They have an unlimited duty cycle for continuous operation, and extremely fast lifting for applications where speed is critical, says the manufacturer.

Standard features include a spring-loaded multi-vane motor design for fine feathering control, adjustable lifting and lowering speeds, and an external speed adjustment screw that does not require tools to set specific speeds. The hoists are also designed to be compact and are equipped with a heavy-duty disc motor brake system for reliable load support.