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Working in a vacuum
24 November, 2020
Julian Champkin finds that vacuum lifting is proving useful in tackling social distancing needs, in the online retail industry and beyond.
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Test of metal 24 November, 2020 In the metals handling sector the three key words that crop up again and again are safety, monitoring and automation. Simon Hastelow reports.
Virtual Meet-up 24 November, 2020 The inaugural Overhead Crane and Hoist Innovation Conference, rganised by Hoist magazine, took place in early October. Daniel Searle reports
Hot topic 24 November, 2020 Enerpac SyncHoist lifting systems are being used at the world’s largest fusion experiment, in Southern France.
Work lift balance 23 November, 2020 The “work smarter not harder” mantra seems to have pervaded all areas of industry. Fortunately the opportunities for the use of workstation cranes is also becoming wider with a greater choice of structural materials, lifting capacities and installation options all helping to open up the workplace to new solutions. Simon Hastelow reports.
Paperless inspection technology 23 November, 2020 Karl Ahlgren, marketing manager at Pervidi, discusses the benefits of digitalising inspection.
Consistent performance 23 November, 2020 New technologies and partnerships are improving maintenance and inspection in our industry. Daniel Searle reports.
The long way round 23 November, 2020 A ship-to-shore container crane from Sany has been delivered to its new owners in Latvia, after a monumental effort from the manufacturer’s team.
Getting heavy 15 October, 2020 Heavy lifting hoists and overhead cranes are more than just scaled-up versions of smaller systems. Julian Champkin investigates.
Next generation 15 October, 2020 Gantry cranes for use at ports are getting makeovers, with new units and retrofitted existing cranes being fitted with automation capability, as well as safety and efficiency upgrades. Daniel Searle reports.
American Exceptionalism 15 October, 2020 A growing pandemic, a looming presidential election, an unpredictable stock market, and an unemployment rate in the double-digits. And yet, somehow, opportunity? Parts of the American hoist market are performing surprisingly better than expected, although the industry as a whole hasn’t been left completely unscathed. Mike Straus investigates.
Water works 09 October, 2020 Finmotor OY supplied a Kito SHER2M electric chain hoist to lift water pumps during maintenance routine at a water treatment facility in Finland, built by Skanska.
Renewed Interest 28 August, 2020 Energy production used to mean coal, oil and gas, with nuclear as an adjunct. Not any more: alternative sources are set to overtake fossil fuels, and the lifting equipment they will need is as varied as the sources. Julian Champkin reports.