ERIKKILA is a manufacturer of ergonomic light crane systems, jib cranes and bridge cranes. ERIKKILA produces crane systems of the highest quality and takes great pride in research & development, aiming always for the best standard in crane production.

ERIKKILA’s administrative office and factory are located in Masala, less than an hour from Helsinki, Finland. Progress, research and development is built upon ERIKKILA’s foundations from the company's founding in 1912 through current day. Today ERIKKILA is a wholly owned subsidiary of KITO Europe GmbH and a part of Kito Corporation’s global network.

ERIKKILA is devoted to deliver the best lifetime value and service to its customers.

ERIKKILA’s product range is designed to meet the wide-ranging needs of the various industries:

• PROSYSTEM light crane system of steel and aluminium
• PROSYSTEM jib cranes of steel and aluminium
• SPARTAN bridge cranes

ERIKKILA’s commitment to its clients’ safety and productivity is built into every workshop crane.


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Company Tel: +358 9 2219 0530
Company Email: sales@erikkila.com
Company Website: http://www.erikkila.com/

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URL: www.erikkila.com/

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